Welcome to Farstrider Webworks

Welcome to Farstrider Webworks

Farstrider Webworks is a Winnipeg-based web shop dedicated to providing internet solutions for small businesses. We help develop the online brand that is so essential for a business of any size.

We believe in customizing our solutions to your business, not forcing you to conform to a cookie cutter website with your logo slapped on it.

Why use a custom content management system?

By focusing on customized CMS installs we provide quick turn-around and easy self-maintenance while saving you money. Using a CMS makes creating dynamic customer-focused content easy and provides powerful tools to connect with clients.

All too often all-in-one site providers simply slot your logo and colours into ugly pre-built templates and charge a fortune for anything special. We will work with you to give you a personal design while still giving you the tools to make updating your content simple.

Design and Branding

Image is everything, especially on the web. Let us design with you from scratch or work with your existing branding to design something that pops.

We offer:

  • Logo Consultations
  • Brand Creation
  • Colour Planning
  • and more…


We can help you integrate Google Analytics into your website. Track the results of your current marketing campaigns and target new customers for future promotions. You can use this powerful tool to find out who is visiting your site, how they got there and what they’re interested in.

Control Your Identity

At Farstrider we believe in letting you control your own destiny.

Having your own domain name is key to developing an online brand. Customers will not remember a website address like members.shaw.ca/christopherspainting/index.html and visit it later. Almost as bad are businesses that despite having their own url still have chris-painting@hotmail.com as their contact email.

We’ll help you create the whole package, url, email address provide you with the tools to control them long term. Whether you choose to hire us or not insist on having all your passwords under your control. Learn why?